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Hello Ty,


A few links as I mentioned. You get the trifecta here

  1. link directly to the latest podcast episode of my "5 boro sports desk" which always features background music from our house band 'The Highline Poets' where gear from Sweetwater is always included:

  2. Link to the page for the 5 boro sports desk archives, which includes the current episode:

  3. Bonus track is one of our "Name That Tune" cover songs. Sending the whole thing here in it's entirety despite wanting to hold back until i publish then post my music on Distro Kid: take 14 -


and here is the news flyer that I send to our listeners.


Have a great Easter!


5 boro - Easter egg hunt during inflation days episode

episode link:


The Backing Track Lineup includes interludes of the following Highline Poets hits:

  1. 180th street station take 34

  2. Recycle Number 5 - landfill remix

  3. magnetic field in flux 30 days later reprise-take5

  4. western sky from the cloisters take 24

  5. The Medicine Man take 1

  6. Lo Bueno Lo Malo Y Lo Feo -take19



Also, go to our stats page at the website. there will be no new the cover song of the week. for this week. However, the old ones are still there. Don't forget, we also have our MLB predictions on this page!


you give us 11 minutes, and we will give you the sports.

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