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Last updated: 07-22-2022 @ 12:28


The University:


The Medical Center

(coming soon - helpful details about the medical center)

NYU Langone Human Resources:

1 Park Avenue, 4th Floor

New York, N.Y. 10016

Review this wiki on NYU Langone:

U.S. News & World Report[edit]

In the 2020-21 Best Hospitals Honor Roll, NYU Langone Hospitals Center ranked as the ninth best hospital in the United States, and the second best hospital in the New York region closely trailing NewYork-Presbyterian.[27][28]

NYU Langone was ranked No. 8 on the U.S. News & World Report "Best Hospitals" 2021-2022 Honor Roll.[29] In addition, NYU Langone remained No. 2 in New York state and No.2 in the New York metro area in 2021–2022.[30]

Job Search Tracking

Keep a spreadsheet to list jobs with columns that include date, id number, location, and other identifying information as agencies and recruiting services use the same job with different criteria and waste your time by making you apply to what appear to be different jobs.

add updated resume to the following:


Indeed: note that NYU Langone Health heavily uses this site to recruit

The Ladders:

not great for job searches, but good for job tips


Monster & Dice are okay, but do not waste too much time on these

Robert Half

I have had success with RHI (Robert Half). They usually have temp to perm positions, and I have had years of employment using them. However, I do not know how good they are in 2022. NOTE: They used to have a heavy focus on accounting jobs and even advertised that on radio in recent years.

I have found good looking job listings at glassdoor, but I have never even had an interview using this website HOWEVER, see the note for 6/8/22 further down on this page - this site can be important in your job search.


Employment Tips documents:

more added 6/5/22


  • Highly employable people do these 9 things on a regular basis.pdf

  • The 10 habits of mentally strong people Ladders.pdf

  • Words_ 20 misused words that make smart people look dumb _ Ladders.pdf

Learn about the tricks recruiters use


so that you can identify job postings that only get a recruiter to call you so that they can show their employer that they are hitting their numbers where there is in fact no real job



 use keywords to expand network. This site is mandatory for anyone searching for a job. There are several recruiters that have contacted me through this. Also, link with existing professional services. Note, do not pay for their premium service as it is a waste of time and money.

Local, city, state, and Federal government job boards

NYC job boards: i actually had an interview with MTA through this. Check with your father for tips on how to use the site as it is a little archaic.


for an Indeed free resume review scan. Do not waste your time with these endless resume re-writes, but if you have never done one and need to check, this may be a good place to do it.


article in NY Times

Wells Fargo is temporarily suspending a hiring policy that led some managers to conduct sham interviews of nonwhite and female candidates, following a report by The New York Times highlighting the practice, the bank’s chief executive, Charles W. Scharf, told employees in a letter on Monday.



Read The Civil Service Chief at least once a week (daily is better) to stay on top of scheduled exams for civil service jobs. This has been the 'go to' source as far back as the 1970s for N.Y.C. government and civil service jobs and information.

Glassdoor. I found reference to this site on the NYU Langone Health Human Resources employee portal recently, so anyone interested in NYU jobs should post a good profile with Glassdoor.


see the career decision scorecard below. This can be used as a template for a spreadsheet when comparing 2 or more job offers.


I will try to update this page as time permits.

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